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Naam Rajiv Mehta
Datum 23-12-2011 23:27:00

Thank you posting...there is the most extensive site I've visited on the GS!

As a child I my dad owed two --both GS Pallas --- one while he was in Zambia and another while he was in Syria. I swear it must have been the only GS in Zambia back in '76. I had fun driving it on 3 wheels, thru sand and to escape from guerrillas.

Haven't see a GS in the US but do see SM's and DS's once in blue moon even now.

Naam Menno van der Hoff
Datum 30-10-2011 16:03:10

Dear Matthys

I have bought a Cottage in Bretagne which is under restauration now. The metal work is super and the car hasn't done more than 62000 km.

Your site has more Cottage pics than any other general site i have found. Please tell me how I can find out if my Cottage was build at Rennes (as my 4 pcs C5 I have had) or was build at Vigo (where my present Grand Picasso was born)

If you need more pics after restauration, happy to send them.
Regards Menno

Naam jonathan
Datum 02-10-2010 11:29:50

great site, many thanks, my gsa pallas was the best car i,ve ever owned,just wish i still had it.

Naam De Friezen
Datum 15-11-2009 14:20:46

Groeten van de friese gsa bende, hartstikke bedankt voor de goede zorgen!

Naam Chris Brakel
Datum 05-09-2009 00:07:38

Thanks for the fabulous pages full of GS info and pictures.
I was a member of the Dutch GS club from 1987 till 1990 and was the proud owner of a silver 1975 GS Pallas with the boxline interior.
Also many thanks to Garage Hans Jorissen in Lelystad who made it possible for me to keep this GS on the road.
I would love another GS, one of the best cars I have ever had, and I have had many.

Naam Lorraine
Datum 02-09-2009 18:54:13

Hi, We had a white 1971 1015 model whilst living in Germany in the 70's. We did thousands of happy kilometres in the car then sold it and got a bronze 1220 Club which was also excellent. Lots of our photos from that time feature the Citroen, it was our prized possession. Happy times and a really excellent car. Nice to see an interesting site dedicated to a really neat car.

Naam Jeffery Wahjudi K...
Datum 28-08-2009 23:57:29

Allo, I have Citroen GS since 1996, in my experience, driving GS or GSA is soo comfort and save. I interest with your web site.
Now In Indonesia, the population GS and GSA so little, in my city just 3 or 5 GS/GSA still running on the way.

Naam Jacques Steyn
Datum 20-02-2009 06:49:33

Hi Everyone

I have bought a GS Club Estate a few years ago and fixed the engine and mechanics. Recently I started to restore the body work. This car is a lovely car and drives exceptionally well and is very trustworthy. I drove it from PTA to JHB and back for 4 months, going to and from work while my other vehicle was broken. It would be nice to be in contact with other Citroen enthusiasts. I've got a group on Facebook where I will post pictures and info.

Naam Fernando
Datum 19-02-2009 13:46:23

Congratularions. Lovely web for a lovely car.

My father had a Citroën Garage during 60´s and 70´s here in Aviles, and I rememeber that arround 1973-74(?) he must went to Madrid for weeks to learn about the new GS mechanics.

Unfortunely I never own it, but I am a really Citroen fan, except VISA and LNA of course.

Naam Manny da Silva
Datum 15-02-2009 12:01:46

It was like a walk down memory lane discovering this website. It would be great to find a GS is South Africa - they have become extinct.
I owned 3 GS models in my younger day - 2 x 1220 Club hatches, and a 1220 Estate. This was in the late 80's and then already spares were hard to find, and relatively expensive. There was already a shortage of skilled technicians to work on these cars.
No matter how advanced cars become, the the older DS and GS were years ahead, and for me will always remain the most comfortable and ergonoically friendly cars ever built. Only a person who has ever owned and driven the DS & GS models will appreciate this fact.
I hope there is a South African who reads and responds to my comment.
thanks for this site

Naam Christophe
Datum 10-11-2008 22:55:44

I have had my second GSA since 2006 and driven it as often as I can. Since I've had it I have rediscovered (from teenage Mini days) what fun driving at less than breakneck speed can be. Such pleasure to handle, such effective steering that is so natural in feel, such relaxed, comfortable, spacious and agreable motoring, it is a gorgeous car.

Strange that this should be known to so few..

Keep up the good work.

Naam paul harrison
Datum 12-10-2008 22:03:34

what a brilliant web site - well done for such a dedicated and informative site-i have never owned a gs and have not actually seen one live as it were but i am well aware of the car as i have a keen interest in all cars new and old.i find the dashboard fasinating and would love to see one in action-anyway well done

Naam Rushton Aust
Datum 11-03-2008 19:39:41

hi Mattijs
Always should have let you know before now, I really appreciate your web site for the G. It is a truely brilliant. Visiting encourages me to do the best for my G.
oops! I now have two, a 1982 GSA Pallas and a 1978 GS Special.
very best regards

Naam John Tozer
Datum 22-02-2008 09:08:03

Last week I purchased my first GS, a 1974 GS Club 1220 wagon for $800. I had only bought my first Citroen last June, a 2002 Xsara VTR coupe but I wanted a real Citroen aswell.

I have just found your site and love it, thankyou I have learnt quite alot.

I was wondering if it was possible to still get synchromesh units for the manual gearbox?
1st and 2nd are okay but 3rd and 4th are worn.

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