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Naam Deenis Tuininga
Datum 01-11-2007 21:06:24

Erg leuke site en heb mezelf nu ook maar ingeschreven. Ben zelf in het bezit van zes Gssen waaronder een 1015club 1972 1220club break 1973 gspecial 1975 1220club break 1976 Gspecial 1977

Naam Graham H Wilson
Datum 09-10-2007 18:07:38

Correction to previous entry: typing error. My GSA Special has the 1129cc engine.

Naam Graham H WILSON
Datum 09-10-2007 12:45:39

As the new registrar for the G Section of the Citroen Car Club in the UK, you may be interesed to know that the club thinks it has 207 GSAs and 80 GS cars recorded as "not scrap" but this information is now out of date. About 20 GSs and 31 GSAs have been seen on the road in the last 2 year in the UK. We think that the G Section has 66-75% of all GS/A cars registered in the UK.

My own cars are a 1978 GS Pallas C-matic that has done 20,500 miles and a 1981 GSA Special with the 1229cc engine. The latter is the only one that the club records show is on the road and I have done nearly 5.000 miles in it since March 2007 when I bought it.

Reactie van Mattijs Kemmink

Hi Graham,

Thank you for you're message. :)

Nice to hear that there are still caring owners outthere. Although I am a bit shocked by the low numbers of GS/GSA still existing...it was a very popular car during the eighties..

From the sound of it that are two realy nice cars to own. I was aware of the 1129cc, but I cannot edit any messages... :(


Naam campolucci stefano
Datum 30-05-2007 23:08:25

j ai trouve cette gsx3 en tres bon etat de conservation an 1979 et je suis en train de la restaurer je cherche le code du couleurs gris
des jantes merci

Naam Wolfgang Siebeck
Datum 01-05-2007 19:32:04

Hi, I stumbled on your side while browsing from my new home in Thailand. Years ago, I was the proud owner of a GSA Break, the first car I bought new, following two second hand DS's, one normal DS20 and one DS20 Pallas. Great memories :-)

Naam gordon
Datum 17-03-2007 19:06:54

: )
i was happy when i found this site... it reminds me of gsx 1.3 with quad headlights my dad had when i was young... it was orange coloured and produced by cimos in ex-yugoslavia.. if i remember correctly it had rev counter as a standard, only left mirror, tires were produced by sava (made in slovenia, ex-yu) and were 145/80 15 size... windows were not tinted... it had 4 gears... no radio...

the left doors were replaced with gsa doors due to accident... the car had an anti-corrosion treatment done when it was still new, i cant remember the name (something starting with d) and it did not had problems with corrosion (it was aroun 11 years old when we sold it)...

he he, just remebered i have a brand new front bumper, still wrraped in plastic (chrome one, just the midle part without sides - don't know which model) and a second hand rear window...
would be happy to get rid of it...

anyway i loved the car, great design, timeless

Naam Chris L
Datum 08-12-2006 20:11:50

Love the site. Its very well designed and has some good info on it. I am a Citroen DS owner but I'm also a big fan of the GS and SM.

Naam Søren M Nielsen
Datum 22-11-2006 09:27:14

Great site,

...We drove our 1972 model GS break for 18 years, where it perfectly served the family's transport needs, without any major breakdowns or failures...
After some corrosion repairs at the rear, and a replacement of the rear suspension frame in 1984, it continued to serve us until 1990, where I (luckely) decided to take it out of regular service.
Here late 2006, I've commenced a throughout overhaul of the body. In some months time I look forward to bring it back on the road again.

Naam Brian
Datum 26-04-2006 22:08:23

Great site. Brings back very happy memories of my first job in 1980 working at a Citroen Garage in the parts department. Always been a Citroen fan, GS great car

Naam Marijn Laenen
Datum 02-03-2006 10:34:01

Fantastisch leuke website!

Ik verkoop mijn GS trouwens :( met pijn in het hart en wegens financiële omstandigheden moet deze verkocht worden.
Gs Spécial van 1979.
Ik hoor het wel,


Naam Christian
Datum 07-02-2006 01:46:51

Recently purchased one of 4 known GSA's in the US! It is a C-Matic Pallas, 1983. Have several Citroens but none that are this rare, and that is saying somthing since Citroens are rare anyway in the US!

Naam Peter van der Knaap
Datum 07-12-2005 20:11:13

Hi Mathijs;
It is still probably the best GS-site in the western hemisphere. Great work en leuk m'n eigen verhaaltjes weer 's te lezen. Nog steeds allemaal waar by the way!

Naam Geoff
Datum 01-12-2005 18:37:02

I have just bought a GS from a scrapyard here in France (11) . Can anyone please tell me anything about this version - what engine size it has ?
The underbonnet plate reads :

Thanks to you all

Naam javier
Datum 28-11-2005 16:46:26

i have an 1981 GSA spécial 1130cc,it is a rare car here in argentina there are a few at the streets.
i would like to send some pictures for the visitors gallery.

Naam Svein Lystad
Datum 11-11-2005 23:26:05

Hey all Citoen friends !

I think the Citroen GS is the most genial car ever. It's a pity that the C 4 doesen't have hydraulics, then it could almost been a replacement.
I have owened only Citroen cars since 1977, from 1977 to 1997 I drove GS/GSA's. My dream is, someday, to be a owner of a GS again and then hopefully an 1975 Club, as my first Cit.
Till then I drive very nice in my Xantia, but, help, it looks like a Toyota !
At last; it's nice to see the new range of Citroen's, they slowly begin to look like real Cit's again.
Thank You for the site.

Datum 25-10-2005 22:19:24


Naam Burcea - Iancu Radu
Datum 20-10-2005 22:43:58

Very nice website. I am the owner of an romanian made Citroen Axel, an OLTCIT 12 TRS. I like it but it is a little bit old, 16 years, and i am starting to have problems with it. I'm trying to find Citroen made parts for it but in my country this is not possible.

Naam Basil Chimon
Datum 17-08-2005 23:37:28

I've just bought a 1983 GSA Pallas. I've been driving it about like a little kid. It's one of the reasons I got into engineering. One of my uncles worked in France on Concorde and I can remeber him with his GSA, showing me how it went up and down. Fantastic. I will fully restore it to its original cvondition and keep it forever!!! I've also got a Xantia Activa. Citroen should find themselves again. They should get rid of their wishy washy management and get funky!! Fantastic engineering - unfortunately not understood by accountants and finance people.

Naam luis
Datum 14-08-2005 18:31:40

Tenho um GSA de 1982 uma verdadeira maquina nunca nos deixou ficar mal..... Se alguem tiver peças ou saiba onde possa encontralas por favor contacte....

Naam oscar
Datum 12-04-2005 00:36:07

es muy bueno poder ver el auto del que soy un apasionado ,por todo el mundo.me gustaria contactarme con otro fanatico del gsa.gracias

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